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Shark NV355 vs NV356E what’s the difference?

The Shark model numbers may confuse many people quite a bit. If you also get confused, the info below might help you make it clear and buy the better one that meets your needs.
Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional NV355
Here is the official answer we got:
According to Shark customer support, the only difference between Shark NV355 and NV356E is just the included tools. The vacuum is basically the same.

Info from the owner’s guide:
The Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro NV356E comes with a 24-inch crevice tool that the NV355 does not include.
That means the Shark NV356E includes 2 crevice tools: one short and one long, while the NV355 only comes with the short one.

Info based on our research online including user reviews:

There is difference in the Turbo Brush.
The turbo brush on the NV356E is wider and it is opaque.
While the one on the NV355 is a bit smaller, and it has a see-through cover.
It is easier to remove blockage from the smaller power brush since the cover can come off.
Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional NV355 Power Brush vs NV356E Pet Power Brush

And the NV355 comes with one Microfiber Pad while the NV356E has 2 Microfiber Pads.

We highly suggest you to contact the seller to make sure what accessories are included in the package before placing an order.