Compare Hoover Dual Power Models

We will discuss the similarity and difference between Hoover Dual Power carpet washers, including Dual Power such as FH50900 and FH50900NC, Dual Power Max FH51000, Dual Power Max Pet FH51001, Dual Power Pro FH51200, and Dual Power Pro Pet Premium FH51300NC.

The Dual Power basic version uses DualSpin Powerbrushes2 rotating brushes, 11.75″ nozzle width, 6 amp motor, 20 foot cord, 0.75 gallons tank, weighs 13.2 pounds, carries 1 year limited warranty, has no tools, no edge brushes, not removable nozzle.
This one is the lightest and smallest, and no tools.

The Dual Power Max adds features, tools, and is larger. It uses DualSpin Max brushes that is wider, 13″ nozzle width, 10 amp motor, 20 foot cord, 1 gallon clean water tank, clean surge control allows you to add extra solution to clean spots with tough pet stains, weighs 18 pounds, carries 2 year limited warranty, comes with 8 foot accessory hose and upholstery tool for cleaning furniture, upholstery, stairs, etc., has edge brushes, removable nozzle, heat activated drying – applies hot water and hot air directly to carpets for fast drying.

The Dual Power Max Pet is very similar to Max. However, according to Hoover, the Max Pet uses antimicrobial brushrolls and upholstery tool that are treated with antimicrobial materials to help prevent bacteria growth and odors.

The Dual Power Pro is bulkier. It uses a different brush system named DualTECH brush system that combines a rotating brushroll and the counter rotating SpinScrub brushes. It adds auto detergent mixing feature, Rinse/Wash selector allows you wash then rinse your carpets, 2 more tools – SpinScrub Spot Cleaner Tool and Pre-Treater Wand. It is bigger, has 15″ nozzle width, 10 amp motor, 25 foot cord, 1 gallon tank, clean surge control, weighs 20 pounds, carries 3 year limited warranty, comes with 8 foot accessory hose, upholstery tool, and the above mentioned tools, has edge cleaning brushes, removable nozzle, heat activated drying.

The Dual Power Pro Pet Premium is similar to Dual Power Pro. What makes the difference is the tool. According to Hoover, its SpinScrub tool – the Powered SpinScrub Pet Stain Tool is designed for removing pet messes. Otherwise, there seems no other differences.

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