Compare Shark S1000 vs S3601 vs SE450 vs S3501 vs S5003D Steam Mops what’s the difference?

The following small machines:

  • Shark Steam Mop S1000
  • Shark Steam Pocket Mop S3501
  • Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop SE450
  • Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop S3601
  • Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop S5300D

are steam mops for dusting, cleaning and sanitizing your sealed floors. All use water only with no detergent needed. So you clean your floors chemical free. For homes with kids, this is an excellent benefit.
If you are deciding between these steam mops, the comparison info below that shows you some major differences between them will help you make an informed purchase.

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The Shark Steam Mop S1000:

  • is in white/seafoam, wattage is 1050W, power cord is 18-foot long;
  • it has a removable water tank for easy filling and emptying, and holds up to 375 ml (12.6 fl. oz.);
  • it has no electronic steam setting, you have to pump handle manually to release steam. If you want more steam, pump the handle more times.
  • It has only rectangular head available, the head and the pad for this steam mop only delivers one side cleaning.
  • The model S1000 comes with 2 Dirt Grip Pads.
  • This S1000 series includes a few models, the difference between them is the amount of pads included. The following series have this similar case.
  • Weighs about 4.6 pounds with no water filled.
  • Dimensions are 46.1 x 11 x 7.4 inches.
  • Download manual to learn more (link from official site):

Shark Steam Pocket Mop S3501:

  • is purple, wattage is 1550W, 1200W or 1050W, has a 20-foot power cord;
  • features a built-in water tank which holds up to 450 ml (15 oz.), since the tank is integrated, it is not that convenient to fill and empty water when compared to the S1000.
  • this one also has no electronic steam control, users have to pump the handle manually to generate steam.
  • comes with a rectangle mop head, 2 washable microfiber pads, and a filling flask, the head and pads support double sided cleaning. There are also triangle mop heads available to be purchased separately for this steam mop. And Shark offers an optional Carpet Glider, part number is XCG3501CON, that can be used with the rectangle head for grooming and freshening your carpets or area rugs, however, it won’t clean the carpets or area rugs, just steam lightly.
  • It also has a telescopic handle that allows you to adjust the height of the mop.
  • Weighs less than 4.9 lbs.
  • Dimensions are approximately 51.2 x 12 x 6 inches.
  • Download manual to learn more (link from official site):

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Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop SE450:

  • is in lavender/chrome, wattage is 1550W, has a 22-foot power cord;
  • just like the S3501, it has a built-in water tank, however, the tank is bigger, holds up to 500ml (16.9 oz.).
  • The steam control on this model has 2 electronic steam settings: Dust and Mop, the Dust setting is for dusting your floors, the Mop setting is for cleaning and sanitizing your sealed hard floors.
  • comes with a rectangle mop head, 2 pocket pads, and a filling flask. The head and pads offer double sided cleaning for sealed hard floors.

Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop S3601 is similar to the SE450, they are from the same series, however, specs are a bit different.

  • it is white;
  • its wattage is 1200W or 1550W, power cable is 22-foot long;
  • its built-in water tank has a capacity of 500ml (16.9 oz.),
  • the S3601 Intelligent Steam Control has 3 settings: Dust,Mop,Scrub. Allows you to choose the right amount of steam for different cleaning needs, from light cleaning to tough cleaning, and different sealed hard floors including laminate, hardwood, marble, tile, stone.
  • it comes with a rectangle mop head, a triangle mop head, a rectangle pocket pad, a triangle pocket pad, and a filling flask. This one also has optional carpet glider, part number is XCG3501CS, for steaming carpets and area rugs lightly.
  • Weighs less than 4.9 lbs.
  • Dimensions are approximately 51.2 x 12 x 6 inches.
  • Download manual to learn more (link from official site):

Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop S5300D:

  • is burgundy/gray, wattage is 1200W, power cord is 22.4-foot long;
  • has a built-in water tank which holds up to 350 ml (11.8 oz.);
  • just like the S3601, it features 3 electronic steam settings: Low,Med,Hi. Low for light dusting and cleaning delicate surfaces, Med for every day cleaning moderate and high traffic areas and small spots, Hi for cleaning tough stains, high traffic areas and sanitizing floors such as tile and marble floors.
  • This model also has a new feature called Steam Blaster which can be used to apply an extra burst of steam to target tough stuck-on messes.
  • It also has touch free technology that allows you to attach or remove the mop pad without touching the pad.
  • It comes with a rectangle Genius head with Steam Blaster, two double sided Dirt Grip washable pads and a filling flask. Shark also offer Triangle Scrubber Head for this model which can be purchased separately, the triangle head is good for cleaning corners. It has no carpet gliders available.
  • Weighs less than 6 lbs.
  • Dimensions are 47.1 x 13.8 x 7 inches
  • Download manual to learn more (link from official site):

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All of them carry one year limited warranty. For what are covered by the warranty, download the manuals to read details.

Generally speaking, all of these Shark steam mops can be used on sealed hard floors that will withstand high heat, such as laminate, hardwood, marble, tile,

According to Shark, you cannot use them on unsealed wood, unglazed ceramic floors, or any surfaces that have been treated with wax, since the sheen may be removed by the heat and steam action.

All of then use only water, the manuals state that users cannot add cleaning solutions, scented perfumes, oils or any other chemicals to the water used in these mops, because this may damage the unit or make it unsafe for use. And for people who live in a hard water area, using distilled water will be better than using tap water.

In short,

  • if you want one with detachable water tank, buy the S1000;
  • if you want one that features electronic steam settings with no need to manually pump the handle to release steam, consider the SE450, S3601 and S5003D;
  • if you want one that has optional carpet glider to freshen your area rugs and carpets, choose the S3501 or S3601;however, these steam mops will not clean your carpets or area rugs, if you want to deep clean your carpets, you may want to have a look at the best carpet washers such as the Bissell BG10;
  • if you like the touch free feature that allows you to remove the dirty mop pads without touching them, buy the S5003D.
MopsSteam MopSteam Pocket MopPro Steam Pocket MopGenius Steam Pocket Mop
Water TankRemovableBuilt-inBuilt-inBuilt-in
Tank Capacity375 ml (12.6 fl. oz.)450 ml (15 oz.)500ml (16.9 oz.)500ml (16.9 oz.)
Steam ControlManualManual2 or 3 Electronic Settings3 Electronic Settings
Two Sided CleaningNoYesYesYes
Optional Carpet GliderNoYesYesNo
Telescopic HandleNoYesNoNo
Steam BlasterNoNoNoYes
Touch Free TechnologyNoNoNoYes

P. S.
Included accessories may vary from time to time, always check the content printed on the carton to make sure what are included.

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