Compare Hoover SmartWash Plus vs SmartWash vs SmartWash PET Complete what’s the difference?

We will discuss the difference between Hoover SmartWash,SmartWash Plus, and SmartWash Pet Complete below.
It seems the Hoover SmartWash and SmartWash+ are the same, some retailers call it SmartWash while some name it SmartWash+.
The SmartWash Pet and The SmartWash Pet Complete are also the same.

The SmartWash Pet Complete FH53000 series is the upgrade version of the original SmartWash FH52000 series. For the appearance and function, there’s no significant modifications. According to user reviews, the SmartWash Pet Complete pulls up water better.

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The obvious difference between them is the SmartWash Pet FH53000 series equipped with a detachable Spot Chaser PreTreat Wand which can be used to help loosen and remove stains. The SmartWash FH52000 series do not have such pretreat kit.

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The Spot Chaser PreTreat Wand can be detached from the shampooer, it does not use the solution from the carpet washer tank, it has its own solution tank. You need to fill it with formula before using.
And it requires 2 AAA batteries to work. You also need to use a phillips head screwdriver to install or remove the batteries.
For pretreating stains, you press the wand release button to pull it out. Then use it to dispense solution over the stains. In fact, it works like a spray bottle that stored on the machine for quick reach. Yes, it is convenient. But nothing magical. You can use a spray bottle to get the same things done.
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Other differences are the color and included tools.
For more details about the SmartWash FH52000 series, you can read the SmartWash FH52000 series models comparison here.
As for the SmartWash Pet FH53000 series,
FH53000PC is in purple color, comes with (1) Antimicrobial Pet Tool, (1) trial size Spot Chaser pretreat stain solution, (1) trial size Paws & Claws carpet cleaner shampoo, (1) 8-foot attachment hose, (1) accessory storage bag.
The Antimicrobial Pet Tool (Antimicrobial Rubber Nub Tool) included in the SmartWash Pet package is a bit different from the one (2-in-1 Antimicrobial Bristle Brush and Rubber Nub Tool) that the original SmartWash come with, a bit more bulkier and better suction power.

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According to the specifications of these carpet shampooers, the original SmartWash solution tank capacity is 20 ounces versus 16 ounces on the SmartWash Pet (Complete) FH53000 series.
And the original SmartWash is about 1.5 pounds lighter.
ExtractorSmartWash FH52000 SeriesSmartWash Pet FH53000 Series
Spot Chaser Pretreat WandNoYes
Weight18.9 lbs20.5 lbs
Amps10 amps10 amps
Cleaning Path Width12-inch12-inch
Clean Water Tank Capacity1 gallon1 gallon
Detergent Tank Capacity20 ounces16 ounces
Hose Length8-foot8-foot
Cord Length22-foot22-foot
Dimensions18.9 x 43.5 x 13 (inches)18.9 x 43.5 x 13 (inches)

These carpet washers are pretty light compared to Rug Doctor and Bissell Big Green. They have separate clean water tank and dirty water tank. Just like many other carpet shampooers on the market, they also have a separate formula tank.

How do you use a Hoover SmartWash?
They are simple to use, as easy as using a vacuum cleaner. You fill in the clean water tank with water, solution tanks with formula, push the machine forward to wash and pull back to dry. You can also choose the dry only mode to extract residue and blow heated air onto the carpet to speed up the drying. That’s all. There’s nothing else you need to do for cleaning carpets.
You do not need to mix water with formula before cleaning, you do not need to press button to dispense solution, because the machines mix them and spray them automatically while you push forward to clean carpet. Though this makes it easy to use, some people do not like it. Because you cannot control how much solution to apply, especially when cleaning those heavy traffic areas or similar spots that need to be treated with more formula.
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Some questions and answers about SmartWash Pet Complete FH53000 series you may want to know before buying:

  • Is the Hoover Smartwash Pet any good?
    It can help remove embeded dirt, juice, wine, coffee spill, pet urine stains, odors, etc. from carpet, rugs, upholstered couches,etc.
  • Can the SmartWash Pet be used to clean hardwood, ceramic, tile or other hard floors?
    No. It’s designed mainly for carpet and rug cleaning.
  • Is this a vacuum and carpet shampooer 2-in-1machine?
    No. It does not work as a regular vacuum. It’s recommended to vacuum before using this machine.
  • Can you set it to rinse only?
    To rinse only, you can remove the the solution tank or fill the solution tank with clean water.
  • Does it steam?
  • Does it have a heater to heat the water?
    It does not have a heater. You can use warm tap water.
  • Can you remove the brushes to clean?
    Yes. Brushes are easy to reach and detach without tool.
  • Can you use it to clean carpeted stairs?
    You can use the Antimicrobial Pet Tool to clean carpeted stairs.
  • Can you use it to clean upholstery, couches,etc.? 
    Yes, attachment required.
  • Where is the SmartWash Pet manufactured?
    It’s made in China.
  • Does it have a manual mode that allows you to decide when and how much solution to dispense?
    The machine does not allow you to control that by yourself.
  • Can you turn off the brushes in dry only mode?
    No. The brushes keep spinning. Brushes will stop rotating when in upright position.
  • How many amps is this carpet extractor?
    10 amps.
  • Does it have dual voltage?
    No. 120V only.
  • Is the handle foldable for storage?
    The handle is not foldable. However, it’s easy to remove.
  • What is the warranty?
    It carries 5 year limited warranty.

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If you are looking for the best lightweight, simple to use, easy to move around domestic carpet washer, then this Hoover SmartWash Pet Complete FH53000 series is a good choice. If you need something that deeply clean carpet well, you may also consider the Bissell Big Green carpet extraction machine. For spot stains removal, take a look at the Bissell SpotBot.

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