Compare Shark AZ1002 vs NV752 Difference

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  • The main difference between them is:
    The Shark APEX Upright Vacuum with Powered Lift-Away, DuoClean & Self-Cleaning Brushroll (AZ1000,AZ1000W,AZ1002,etc.) is a newer model, it features Shark’s new technologies: Zero-M (Self Cleaning Brushroll) and DuoClean.
    Whereas the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum (NV750W,NV751,NV752,etc.) is an old model, it does not have these new features.

According to Shark,
the Zero-M (Self Cleaning Brushroll) actively removes hair wrap from the roller while you vacuum.
DuoClean is the design that includes 2 rollers inside one floor nozzle, there are one soft roller and one bristle roller for vacuuming both carpets and hard floors.

Do the Zero-M (Self Cleaning Brushroll) and DuoClean really work?

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  • Another difference is the brushroll control and clean-up.
    Brushroll Control
    When setting to Hard Floor, the brush roller of Rotator Powered Lift-Away will be turned off whereas the rollers of APEX Upright will keep rotating.
    In short, the Rotator Powered Lift-Away allows you to turn off the brush roller whereas the APEX Upright does not.
    Cleaning Brushroll
    The Rotator Powered Lift-Away brushroll cover is at the bottom of the nozzle, the roller is not removable. When cleaning the brushroll, you commonly have to detach the nozzle, flip it over to get access to it to clear away any tangled objects or debris.
    The Apex Upright has 2 rollers to clean up, the soft roller can be removed to clean whereas the bristle roller cannot be detached. To clean it, you have to remove the cover at the top of the nozzle.

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  • About the Cord Length:
    According to recent user reviews, Shark has redesigned the Rotator Powered Lift-Away series with shorter cable and hose. The Rotator Powered Lift-Away series like the NV752 used to have a 30-foot power cord, same length as the cord on Apex Upright AZ1000 series. But now, the Rotator Powered Lift-Away is equipped with a shorter cable which is 25-foot in length. And the hose is shorter as well.
  • Dimensions:
    Rotator Powered Lift-Away: 13.2 L X 11.9 W X 45 H
    Apex Upright: 11.2 L X 12.2 W X 46 H
  • Weight: Apex Upright is a bit heavier.
    They are full size upright vacuum,thus all are heavy. The Rotator Powered Lift-Away weighs 16.7 pounds whereas the Apex Upright weighs 17.1 pounds
  • Power Specifications:
    The Rotator Powered Lift-Away: 120V,60Hz,1150W,9.5A
    The Apex Upright: 120V,60Hz,1350W,11.3A
  • There is also difference between the included accessories for these two series, but accessories can be bought separately if you want.
    As for the Apex AZ1002 and Rotator True Pet NV752:
    AZ1002 comes with an Upholstery Tool, a Pet Power Brush which is air driven, and a 12-inch Crevice Tool.
    NV752 comes with a Crevice Tool, an Upholstery Tool, and a
    TruePet Mini Motorized Brush.


  • Fingertip Control:
    On/Off button and Surface Selector are located on the handle for convenient reach without bending over.
  • Surface Selection:
    There are 3 options: Thick Carpet/Area Rug, Carpet/Low Pile and Hard Floor.
  • No Suction Control to allow user to cut down suction power to vacuum objects like area rugs.
    If you want one with suction adjustor, you can have a look at the older models such as the NV70.
  • Powered Lift-Away:

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    Allows users to lift away the pod to use the motorized floor nozzle to vacuum low profile furniture like couch and table. Save you time and effort on moving furniture.

  • Anti Allergen Complete Seal Technology plus HEPA filter to traps allergens, dust, debris and tiny particles as small as 0.3 microns inside the vacuum, and expel cleaner air. A good feature for people who suffer from allergy and asthma.
  • LED headlights on the handle and floor nozzle to help clean dark spots.
  • 1.5 dry quarts dust cup capacity.
  • Feature swivel steering.
  • Cleaning Path Width:
    Rotator Powered Lift-Away and Apex Upright have a cleaning path width of 11-inch.

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