Shark NV801,NV803 vs NV831,NV835 what’s the difference?

The major difference between the Shark DuoClean Powered Lift Away NV830 series and DuoClean Powered Lift Away Speed NV800 series is the size. The NV830 series are full size whereas the NV800 series are compact size. The full size has larger dust cup which holds up to 1.5 dry quarts versus 0.9 dry quarts on the compact size. And the full size has wider cleaning path and are over 2 pounds heavier.

Other differences between them are the headlights and power switch location.

Led lights
The NV830 series have lights on the nozzle and handle, the lights on the handle are useful when vacuuming weak light spots with the attachments for above floor cleaning.

Power Control Location
The DuoClean Speed has the power control on the top of the lift away canister while the DuoClean has the power switch on the handle for finger tip control.

Otherwise, they are similar. Both of them feature powered lift away, DuoClean technology – a bristle brushroll to clean carpets, and a soft brushroll to pull in larger particles and directly engage floors, swivel steering, Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, HEPA filter, 1150 watts and 9.5 amperage.

Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed models comparison
NV800 series manual –
Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away NV830 models comparison
NV830 series manual –

2 thoughts on “Shark NV801,NV803 vs NV831,NV835 what’s the difference?

  1. Tom

    What are the differences between the 830 model and the 835? Are they the same unit? Same power head? In pictures they look identical just wondering what if any the difference is

    1. bpvac Post author

      There is very tiny difference on the nozzle,
      the NV830 nozzle Model #: 1422FC830
      the NV835 nozzle Model #: 1397FC831.
      The power is the same.


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