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Compare Bissell Powerfresh vs Powerfresh Deluxe

Below we will discuss the difference between Bissell Powerfresh and Powerfresh Deluxe.
If you are deciding between the Bissell Powerfresh (such as the model 1940, 1940a and 1940w) and Powerfresh Deluxe such as model 1806, the info should be useful to you.

Both of these 2 machines are designed mainly for cleaning hard floors. They are similar but not identical to each other.
The Bissell Powerfresh, such as the model 1940, 1940a and 1940w, is the original basic model.
While the Bissell Powerfresh Deluxe such as the model 1806 is a newer model, it has some new features.
Here are the main differences between them.

Water Tank design.
Their tank design are different. The Powerfresh 1940 models has a removable water tank whereas the Deluxe 1806 has a built in water tank. So, with the Powerfresh, you can remove the tank to fill and empty, while the Deluxe comes with a measuring water cup for filling.
The Deluxe has larger tank capacity which is 19 oz. versus 15 oz. on the Powerfresh.

Scrubbing Brush.
The scrubbing brush design is another big difference between them.
The Powerfresh has a brush on the back of the nozzle, you can flip it down to use it with the mop pad to clean grout, crevice, and sticky messes.
While the Deluxe has a totally different, redesigned spot scrubbing brush which is located on the bottom, but above the nozzle, when cleaning tough spots, you detach the nozzle to expose this SpotBoost brush, then use the machine with this brush (without the mopping pad) to scrub the touch spots.

Steam Levels.
The Powerfresh has 3 steam levels (low, medium, high) while the Deluxe has 2 levels (high, low).

Scent Disc Holder design.
The Powerfresh has a pocket inside the mop pad, you can insert the scent disc into that pocket while the Deluxe has a separate scent disc holder on the front of the nozzle.

Cord Length.
The Powerfresh has a cord length of 23 feet versus 25 feet on the Deluxe.

Both of them have swivel feature, backed by a 2 year limited warranty, and they have optional carpet glider attachment to enable them to work as a carpet refresher/deodorizer.

Compare Bissell CrossWave vs Symphony

The main difference between Bissell Symphony and CrossWave is how they clean the floors.
The Symphony is a vacuum & steam mop 2-in-1 machine, it is more like a steamer mop, it can pick up mess, or steam, or vacuum and steam at the same time. It has mop pad to wipe your floor. And it has no rotating brush roll.
While the CrossWave is a wet/dry vacuum, it can vacuum & wash your hard floors and area rugs. It can pick up dry debris, it has a rotating brush roll to clean surfaces and it can also extract water from surfaces.
The Symphony is designed for hard floor cleaning. Though it has an optional Carpet Glider, this kit is not intended to enable the Symphony to be used as a carpet cleaner, it just functions as a carpet refresher/deodorizer. When you want to use the Symphony on carpets/rugs, you have to put on this kit, and when you switch back to hard floor cleaning, you have to pull it off. This carpet refreshing kit needs to be purchased separately.
The Symphony nozzle does not swivel, its regular model has an adjustable handle (the pet version does not).
The CrossWave is designed to clean from hard floors to area rugs. With the multi surface brush roll and finger tip control, you can switch between the surfaces effortlessly. However, you also shouldn’t expect it to works as well as a carpet cleaner.
The CrossWave has a swivel head that allows you to maneuver easily across your floors. Its handle is not adjustable.
The CrossWave has larger tank, wider cleaning path, and weighs heavier.
The CrossWave power ratin g is 4.4 amps while the Symphony has 3.3 vacuum amps.
Commonly, when using the CrossWave, you should use warm tap water mixed with formula to clean the surfaces, while you use only water which is at room temperature with the Symphony.
The CrossWave is much more expensive than the Symphony.
Both of them are corded, they have 25 foot cord.

Compare Bissell Powerfresh vs Symphony what’s the difference?

These 2 Bissell stick units are designed mainly for hard flooring such as sealed hardwood, tile, stone, marble, ceramic, linoleum and laminate flooring.

The difference between them are as follow.
Bissell Symphony 1132A vs Powerfresh 1940

1, Cleaning Functions.
The main difference is that the Symphony have both steam and vacuum functions, you can use it to vacuum or steam separately, or steam and vacuum at the same time whereas the Powerfresh is only a steam mop that has no vacuum, you can use it to sanitize floor only.
Because of the additional vacuum function, the Symphony has dust cup and vacuum filter that the Powerfresh does not include.

2, Side Brushes.
The Symphony has 2 small side brushes near the front of the nozzle that help brush off dirt from baseboard or edges whereas the Powerfresh has no edge brushes.

3, Power Cord Length
The Symphony has a 25 feet cord versus 23 feet on the Powerfresh.

4, Controls
The Symphony has Low, High Steam and Vac On/Off settings, the controls are located on the handle for easy reach.
Whereas the Powerfresh has the controls on the body of the unit so you have to bend down to change steam levels, there are 3 steam levels to choose from – Low for delicate floors, Medium for regular cleaning, and High for durable floors or sticky messes.
The Symphony has a trigger on the handle, it has to be held to release steam whereas the Powerfresh steams continuously.

5, Weight
The Powerfresh is lighter, the Symphony weighs about 10 lbs versus 6 lbs on the Powerfresh.

Bissell 1132A vs 1543A what’s the difference?

Bissell Symphony Pet vs Symphony Regular

The Bissell Symphony Pet All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop 1543A and the non pet version Bissell Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop 1132A are similar items. They are designed for use on sealed hard wood floors, ceramic tile, vinyl, marble, stone, and other types of hard floors. You can use them to vacuum, steam, or vacuum and steam at the same time. Based on our research, the difference between them is as follows.

The Pet version 1543A has some new or redesigned features that meet the needs of removing pet hair and eliminating pet odors.
It has imporved suction for better pickup, new bristles to help collecting pet hair, new dirt tank filter and redesigned dirt cup that make emptying pet hair and messes easier.
The 1543A comes with a SteamBoost tray to use with the Swiffer Bissell SteamBoost disposable mop pads for pet messes you want to throw away. Whereas the 1132A does not include these. However, some other 1132 models such as the 11322 has the Swiffer Bissell SteamBoost Kit.

The 1132A has a 5-way adjustable handle whereas the 1543A handle is no longer adjustable.

Aside from the above things, there is also price difference, and they come in different color as you can see from the product images. 1132A is blue whereas the 1543A is purple.

If you know other difference between Bissell 1543A and 1132 series, please share below.

You can also download the Bissell Symphony manuals from Bissell official site to learn more.
Bissell 1132 series user guide
Bissell 1543 user guide
If the links not work, please search them at bissell.com yourself.